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Best Buy cancels Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders

Samsung is taking its time bringing the Galaxy Fold back to market. And frankly, that’s probably for the best. The Note debacle from a few years back was an important lesson about what happens when you rush a product back to market. That one resulted in a second recall — PR nightmare upon PR nightmare.
With a release date still very much in limbo, Best Buy has sent notes to those who pre-ordered the Fold. Spotted by The Verge, the letter has since been posted to Best Buy’s support forum. It cites “a plethora of unforeseen hiccups,” (fair enough) adding, “Because we put our customers first and want to ensure they are taken care of in the best possible manner, Best Buy has decided to cancel all current pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold.
The letter goes on to assure customers that the big-box retailer is “working closely with Samsung” to help deliver the product to customers. At the moment, however, their guess on the time frame is as good as ours.
Recent reports have suggested that an announcement was imminent, with the company having solved design flaws that had reviewers peeling off screens and getting debris jammed in the holes of the folding mechanism. More recent reports gave the product a June 13 release date, but that, too, appears to have been scrubbed for the time being.

Best Buy cancels Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders

Xiaomi sneaks into North America with Mexico launch

 Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is preparing to enter North America, but it isn’t quite the launch you may be waiting on. The company, which was last valued at $45 billion by investors, has revealed plans to sneak into the continent by selling its Redmi Note 4 phone in Mexico. Fans can pick up the device from Coppel, Best Buy and Sam’s Club stores when it is stocked towards… Read More

Xiaomi sneaks into North America with Mexico launch

Цену cмарт-часов Moto 360 назвал Best Buy

Motorola должна представить свои смарт-часы Moto 360 на пресс-конференции в Чикаго 4 сентября, однако Best Buy, похоже, немного опередил производителя и случайно анонсировал Moto 360 на своем мобильном сайте.
Цену cмарт-часов Moto 360 назвал Best Buy

JiWire Aims To Improve Mobile Ad Targeting With Its New Location Graph

jiwire logo

Location-based ad company JiWire is announcing a new service today that’s supposed to connect user behavior and location — perhaps inevitably, given the trendiness of building an this that graph, it’s called the Location Graph.

Even prior to the Location Graph, interim CEO David Staas says JiWire had already created more than 3 billion location tags. The new initiative is basically an attempt to draw more meaningful insights from all that data.

It can lead to relatively straightforward observations, Staas says — for example, JiWire might observe that there’s a significant overlap between people who go the zoo and people who visit child care services. But the Location Graph also combines that information with third-party data, creating a profile of each user, and therefore extrapolating from your location history to distinguish between moms and dads and students. JiWire claims to have profiled more than 500 million devices already.

The company plans to make some of its conclusions available on a public website. Here’s a small sampling of what it says it has learned:

  • Sixty percent of women eat at the same three restaurants each month.
  • Moms who go to beauty salons are also likely to visit health clubs, child care centers, counseling services and restaurants.
  • Twenty-three percent of people who go to Peet’s Coffee and Tea also go to Starbucks.
  • Thirty percent of people who shopped at Best Buy also shopped at a competitor’s location

Beyond the nvoelty factor of the data, Staas says this is an important step to improving mobile ad targeting —  specifically, by allowing advertisers to buy an audience, just as they can in most other ad media. Currently, they mostly target ads based on the type of app or the location of the user, which are less precise ways to reach an audience. In other words, a store can use geofencing technology to broadcast an ad or an offer to users within a certain distance. But wouldn’t it be more effective to target, say, moms within a certain distance, rather than everyone? And really, once you can reach a specific audience, is their location really that important?

The Location Graph is supposed to help JiWire deliver that kind of targeted advertising. And because the user profile includes a lot of behavioral data, advertisers can also make smarter choices about the audiences and locations that they want to reach.

You can see more findings in this infographic.

JiWire Aims To Improve Mobile Ad Targeting With Its New Location Graph

Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn Just Resigned


Best Buy’s Brian Dunn just stepped down as the retailer’s CEO and director effective immediately. This comes just days after Best Buy missed Wall Street’s estimates last quarter and the retailer announced plans to shutter 50 large stores and open smaller, likely more lucrative Best Buy Mobile locations. Director G. Mike Mikan will replace Dunn as interim CEO while the company searches for a new skipper.

Wall Street reacted positively to the news. Best Buy’s stock price jumped over 3% with heavy trading after the announcement but seems to be dropping back towards its opening price as of this post’s writing. Update: The stock price now crashing.

The company’s full press release follows below.

Best Buy Announces Leadership Transition
Interim CEO Named to Lead Company

INNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The board of directors of Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE:BBY) today announced that Brian Dunn has resigned as chief executive officer and director. There were no disagreements between Mr. Dunn and the company on any matter relating to operations, financial controls, policies or procedures. There was mutual agreement that it was time for new leadership to address the challenges that face the company. Director G. Mike Mikan has been named interim CEO to lead the company while a search for a new CEO is underway. Richard Schulze, the founder of Best Buy, continues to serve as chairman.

“We thank Brian Dunn for his many years of service to the company and wish him well in his next endeavors”

“I have enjoyed every one of my 28 years with this company, and I leave it today in position for a strong future. I am proud of my fellow employees and I wish them the best,” said Dunn.

“We thank Brian Dunn for his many years of service to the company and wish him well in his next endeavors,” said Schulze. “As we move forward, we are very pleased to have a strong leader with Mike Mikan’s credentials as interim CEO.”

“The Best Buy team and I will be extremely focused on successfully managing this period of transition. I want to assure our employees, customers and other key stakeholders that we will work together to achieve our company’s growth and profitability goals,” said Mikan.

Mikan, who will remain on the board while serving as interim CEO, has been a Best Buy director since April 2008. He formerly served as executive vice president and chief financial officer of UnitedHealth Group Incorporated and chief executive officer of Optum, a health care services company and affiliate of UnitedHealth. Mikan has strong financial and operational expertise, as well as public company leadership experience.

A search committee of the board of directors has been created consisting of the founder and members of the nominating, corporate governance and policy committee. The committee will oversee the process for the identification and selection of the next CEO.

Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn Just Resigned