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LG’s smartphone sales dropped another 21%

Let’s start with the good news. LG actually had a pretty good quarter (on the strength of appliance sales). The LG Home Appliance & Air Solution division made $5.23 billion for Q2. Anyone who’s been following the company for the past several years can guess where the bad news comes.
Smartphone sales dipped 21.3% year over year for the South Korean company. The culprits are as you’d expect: an overall slowing of the smartphone market, coupled with aggressive undercutting from Chinese manufacturers. Huawei seems to lead the pack on that front, with a big increase in sales, in spite of a confluence of external factors.

LG Mobile’s losses continue but now sales are falling too

The smartphone unit saw an operating loss of $268.4 million, in spite of a 6.8% increase in sales from the quarter prior. LG chalks up the loss to higher marketing on new models and April’s move from Seoul to Vietnam for smartphone production for longer-term cost cutting.

LG gets a 5G flagship, making the world’s longest phone name even longer

In spite of this, the company says it’s still bullish about smartphone sales for Q3. “The introduction of competitive mass-tier smartphones and growing demand for 5G products are expected to contribute to improved performance in the third quarter,” it writes in an earnings release.
LG is, of course, among the first companies to release a 5G handset, with the V50 ThinQ. The next-gen wireless technology is expected to increase stagnating global smartphone sales, though much of that will depend on the speed with which carriers are able to roll it out. It seems unlikely that 5G in and of itself will be a quick or even longer-term fix for a struggling category.

LG’s smartphone sales dropped another 21%

Samsung: One In Ten South Koreans Now Owns A Samsung Galaxy S II

White Galaxy S2 3

It’s not really news to say that the Galaxy S II is a hit, but it has actually become a mega hit in South Korea. According to maker Samsung, the Android handset has been sold a whopping 5 million times in its domestic market since release at the end of April 2011. In other words, a little more than 10% of the country’s entire population (48 million people) are now proud owners of the phone.

It’s the first cell phone that has reached this milestone in mobile-crazy South Korea, according to Japanese business daily The Nikkei. The paper also says that one out of four South Korean smartphones users owns a Galaxy S II (sounds like feature phones don’t play a big role in that country anymore).

In 2011, Samsung commanded a 53% market share in South Korea’s smartphone industry.

The company recently decided not to take legal action against its fiercest competitor, Apple, in its home market – despite being in a patent war with the iPhone maker the whole world over. It looks like Samsung can afford it.

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Samsung: One In Ten South Koreans Now Owns A Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Denies Apple’s Request For Records Of Service Calls Confusing Their Products

Samsung Service Survey

“You’re a copycat!” “No, you’re the copycat!” Apple and Samsung have entered the pre-trial discovery period in their dispute over whose smartphones and tablets violate whose  intellectual property. In hopes of securing evidence that even Samsung’s customers mistake its products for iPhones and iPads, Apple has requested that Samsung turn over records of customer service calls where one company’s products were confused with the other’s.

That evidence could help Apple ban sales of Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1 tablet in major markets, so the South Korean electronics company is trying to frame the request as unfeasible. Samsung has now formally denied the request, citing that the request’s broad scope would include calls where customers criticize Apple’s products, which are supposedly so numerous that collecting them from calls where their products were confused would be take too much time and effort.

Yep, Samsung’s defense is that it is flooded with hate calls about another company’s products — products that are consistently rated as having sky-high customer satisfaction. The denial proudly claims customers frequently call Samsung to rave about their products and rage against Apple’s. This seems unlikely, as most people hate calling customer service as much the problems they call about. It may be difficult for Samsung to convince the court to uphold the denial on the grounds that enough users go to such the trouble just to complement them.

Here’s the full-text of Samsung’s flimsy excuse, courtesy of Edible Apple:

For example, it is possible that Samsung customers may have contacted the call centers to comment on how they disliked their previous Apple product, but enjoy using their Samsung product. This would not be responsive to Apple’s requests, because the consumer is not expressing any confusion as to the source of the product he or she was calling about.

If Apple can attain these records, it might find logs of customers asking where to find iPhone or iPad features on Samsung devices, or referring to Samsung features by their Apple titles, such as saying “FaceTime” instead of “video chat”. The holy grail would be Samsung customers calling up and actually thinking they own a device manufactured or associated with Apple because their designs are so similar. The thin excuse seems to indicate Samsung has something to hide.

Even if it did receive a lot of these Apple-bashing calls, it’s unclear whether that would actually make it significantly more difficult to comb through the records. Samsung’s going to need a better excuse. Otherwise, Apple may be able to leverage its popularity and visibility to reference mentions of its buzzwords, ingrained in Americans through marketing, as evidence of intellectual property infringement.

Samsung Denies Apple’s Request For Records Of Service Calls Confusing Their Products