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The Battle Continues: Apple/Samsung Injunction Hearing Set For September 20


Oh, you thought this whole mess was over now that Samsung has to pony up $1.049 billion in damages to its bitter rival Apple? Not by a long shot. According to The Verge, Samsung and Apple attorneys have been talking with Judge Koh about a preliminary injunction hearing, and have apparently agreed to schedule it on September 20.

Now that Apple has a considerable jury verdict to back up its claims, you can expect the company to push Samsung hard to either license the infringed patents in question (meaning Samsung would have to pay out even more money on top of the damages it already owes) or bar the Korean electronics giant from peddling some of its questionable wares in the United States.

Apple’s clearly not shy when pushing for that latter option too — the company won a preliminary injunction against the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus earlier this year (ordered by the same judge, no less), a move Samsung quickly appealed.

This song and dance is already familiar to both parties, which hopefully means they’ll make judicious use of their time. According to Judge Koh, Apple will file its motion by August 29th, after which Samsung’s (undoubtedly bummed) legal team will have two weeks to cobble together its crucial response. From there, Apple has two days to whip up a response to the response. Just like in these proceedings, both Apple and Samsung are stuck with page limits for all their filings, so neither of them can afford to go off on tangents.

The Battle Continues: Apple/Samsung Injunction Hearing Set For September 20

The Honorable Judge Lucy Koh Accuses Apple’s Lawyer Of Smoking Crack

Judge Koh compressed

The best part of the entire Apple-Samsung patent war has been Federal Judge Lucy Koh. She’s a smaller woman with straight, silk black hair, but she manages to make some of the wealthiest lawyers and highest level executives bow down.

She’s an Alpha, and not without a touch of humor, either.

In fact, today she asked Apple’s attorney if he was smoking crack. At least, that’s what this tweet from NYT writer Nick Wingfield says.

Apple’s attorney responded with, “Your Honor, I’m not smoking crack.”

Judge Koh just accused Apple’s attorneys of “smoking crack.” “You’re Honor, I’m not smoking crack,” an Apple attny responded in earnest.

— Nick Wingfield (@nickwingfield) August 16, 2012

Apparently Koh was bothered by how long the witness list is, considering that both sides only have 25 hours each to argue their case.

To be clear, this type of comment isn’t out of the ordinary for Koh. She’s been frustrated right from the start at the intricacy and length of the trial, and it seems as though she feels its a relatively huge waste of tax dollars considering that both companies seem more interested in continuing litigation than a conclusion.

Back in June of last year, when this trial was in its preliminary stages, the Judge asked if Apple and Samsung brass couldn’t get together for a little chat.

Can’t we all just get along here? I’ll send you with a box of chocolates, whatever.

The Honorable Judge Lucy Koh Accuses Apple’s Lawyer Of Smoking Crack