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Updated Kindle Android App Supports KF8 Files (Which Means More Pretty Pictures)


Amazon’s Kindle team seems have had their hands full these past few days — a Retina Display-friendly update was just pushed to the iOS App Store last week, and now the Android version is getting a nice little bump too.

One of the biggest additions to this build is support for Amazon’s relatively new KF8 ebook file format. Originally revealed back in October 2011 (and officially released this January), KF8 allows publishers and content creators greater flexibility when it comes to text formatting and image integration into ebooks.

With support for those KF8 files firmly in place, the updated Android Kindle app can access more of Amazon’s selection of comic books, graphic novels, and image-heavy children’s books — there’s plenty for parents, children, and otaku alike to enjoy here. On top of that, Amazon notes that “thousands” of other titles will now benefit from richer formatting since the app displaying them can finally interpret all the HTML5 and CSS-based layout tweaks KF8 files are privy to.

Also tucked away in the new update is the ability for users to send documents directly to their devices by emailing them to their “Send-to-Kindle” email address. Yeah, it’s not exactly groundbreaking — iOS Kindle users could do this in December — but it’s always nice to see feature parity between platforms.

The new update is live in the Google Play Store right now, and if you’re already a Kindle for Android user, all these goodies can be yours with a single touch.

Updated Kindle Android App Supports KF8 Files (Which Means More Pretty Pictures)

DudaMobile Makes Your Website Mobile in One Click


DudaMobile just launched a new, self-serve platform that lets existing website owners create a mobile version of their site just by typing in the website’s URL. The service, targeted towards small business owners and other professionals, includes one-click website conversion, auto sync between the main site and the mobile site, plus mobile-friendly features like a click-to-call widget, a maps and directions widget, an SMS widget for texting business info, Google AdWords support (soon) and mobile analytics.

DudaMobile Today

Currently, the company has over 175,000 websites hosted on its platform, 35% of which are small business sites. And users are creating 25,000 new mobile sites each day, we’re told. The majority of these sites were created prior to the self-service platform’s launch, with help from existing DudaMobile partners, including Webs.com, Logoworks by HP, and a major U.S. mobile operator which the company can’t publicly name. The company has also just partnered with Yahoo and Eniro, with those integrations rolling out now.

When DudaMobile’s platform is used by partners in some cases, it’s integrated into those companies’ own backend website creation platforms. That means anyone who builds a site using the partners’ tools can immediately create a mobile-friendly website at the same time. In other cases, it’s a white label deal.

Freemium Package

Now, that same feature set is available to anyone as a freemium offering. The resulting mobile site works on all smartphones, including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. DudaMobile provides dozens of design templates, but if you happen to know CSS and HTML, you can further customize the site to your liking. WordPress sites are supported, too.

Free plans include 10 pages, 500 MB of bandwidth and are ad-supported. Professional sites are $9/month, offer unlimited pages and bandwidth, your own mobile URL, and are ad-free. Only Professional sites have access to the above-mentioned widgets, but both both versions include analytics.

DudaMobile says its current users are seeing up to 40% conversion rates on the mobile sites’ click-to-call widgets, and among certain business categories, like taxis and restaurants, it’s as high as 50%.

There are a lot of free and paid mobile website builders out there, including one from Google itself, but DudaMobile’s service is unique because it automatically syncs content from your desktop website to the mobile version as changes are made.

You can learn more about DudaMobile here.

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DudaMobile makes websites mobile. The platform converts existing websites into mobile friendly sites within a few clicks. First launched as a white label platform in 2010, now over 200,000…

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DudaMobile Makes Your Website Mobile in One Click