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В WhatsApp можно будет смотреть фото, картинки и гифки прямо в уведомлениях

Приложение популярного мессенджера скоро должно получить обновление, которое позволит просматривать картинки и «гифки» прямо на панели уведомления. Так пользователь избавится от необходимости каждый раз открывать приложение, чтобы посмотреть, какое изобра

YouTube’s dark theme has started gradually rolling out to Android

A dark theme option for YouTube users on Android is in the early stages of rolling out to end users, Google confirmed to TechCrunch, following a number of reports and sightings of the dark mode showing up for users in the app’s settings. The feature has taken a bit longer to launch than expected – YouTube first announced a dark mode for its mobile app back in March, when it launched on iOS. At the time, the company said the dark theme for Android was coming “soon.”
Five months later, well, here it is.
Similar to its iOS counterpart, the dark theme is toggled on or off in the Android app’s Settings. When enabled, YouTube’s usual white background switches to black throughout the YouTube app experience as your browse, search and watch videos.
The dark theme has a variety of benefits for end users. It gives watching videos a more cinematic feel, for starters. And when you’ve been staring at your screen for a long time, it can help you to better focus on the content, and not the controls. It can also help to cut down on glare, and help viewers take in the true colors of the videos they watch, the company previously explained.
Plus, some tests have shown dark themes can save battery life – something that’s particularly useful for YouTube’s 1.8 billion monthly users, who are spending more than an hour per day watching YouTube videos on mobile devices.

Above: Image credits, Imgur user absinth92
YouTube first introduced a dark theme in May 2017, when it debuted a series of enhancements to its desktop website, including its simpler, Material Design-inspired look. At the time, it said a dark theme for mobile was a top request.
The YouTube app isn’t alone in catering to users’ desire for a dark mode. Other high-profile apps have gone this route as well, including Twitter, Reddit, Twitter clients like Tweetbot and Twitterific, Reddit clients like Beam, Narwhal, and Apollo, podcast player Overcast, calendar app Fantastical, Telegram X, Instapaper, Pocket, Feedly and others.
Google told us that the dark theme for YouTube on Android is still in the early phases of a gradual rollout, and it will have more updates about this launch in the “coming weeks.”
The change arrives alongside update a YouTube Community Manager shared in YouTube’s Help Forum about YouTube’s adaptive video player. The player on desktop now removes the black bars alongside 4:3 and vertical videos, by adjusting the viewing area accordingly, they said.

YouTube’s dark theme has started gradually rolling out to Android

WhatsApp готовит мобильные платежи для разных стран

В приложении популярного мессенджера скоро может появиться возможность оплачивать различные услуги и отсылать друг другу денежные переводы. Марк Цукерберг, глава Facebook, заявил недавно, что платежные сервисы в WhatsApp «дают людям по-настоящему простой

Galaxy Note 9: фото, характеристики, цены и дата выхода

До выхода флагманского планшетофона Samsung осталось менее двух недель. Презентация Galaxy Note 9 должна пройти 9-го августа, что на 2-3 недели раньше, чем прошлогодний анонс. Корейский производитель старается успеть побыстрее представить на рынке модель,